Doodlers Anonymous

Doodling (eng., af doodle; (sidde og tegne) kruseduller, måske af dialektordet doodle; sløse tiden væk); det at tegne kruseduller og tilfældige mønstre, mens man er optaget af noget andet.

02212012075844126130Doodlers Anonymous er et website, der har tusindvis af doodles – lige til at blive i meget godt humør af. Doodlers Anonymous skriver om sig selv:

We founded Doodlers Anonymous in 2008 to celebrate the addiction – our incessant need to draw, sketch, and doodle, be it with a pencil in a sketchbook, a marker on a napkin, a pen on a torn receipt, a Sharpie on concrete.

We draw habitually. At all hours. On whatever we can get our hands on.

As a permanent home for spontaneous art, Doodlers Anonymous is a modern art blog featuring a vast archive of creative inspiration, hand-drawn interviews by contemporary artists, doodle challenges and prompts, giveaways, and a catalog of art-based goods. Since its creation, Doodlers Anonymous has given exposure to thousands of up-and-coming artists and illustrators and has become an international community of like-minded creatives and art aficionados who share a love of hand drawing.



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